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교수 조항정 (Zo, HangJung)

기술경영학부 | 교수

IT Management, Digital nnovation


  • +82-(0)42-350-6311

  • N22, #603

  • Field of Study
    • IT Management
    • Digital Business Strategy
    • Digital Social Innovation
    • Digital Fabrication
  • Education
    • Ph.D., in IT Management, Minor: Marketing (E-Business), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA (2006)
    • M.S., in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, KOREA, (1993)
    • B.S., in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, KOREA, (1991)
  • Major Career
    • Associate Professor, School of Business and Technology Management, KAIST [Mar. 2009–present]
    • Director, Research Institute of Social Technology and Innovation, KAIST [2017– present]
    • Assistant Professor of IT School of Business, Information and Communications University (ICU), [2007-2009]
    • Project Leader/Information Architect/UI Consultant/Website Designer/Developer, Samsung, KOREA [1993-1999]
  • Key Papers
    • Bhuasiri, W ,Xaymoungkhoun, O, Zo, H, Rho, JJ, Ciganek, AP, Critical success factors for e-learning in developing countries: A comparative analysis between ICT experts and faculty, Computers & Education, 58(2), pp. 843-855, Feb. 2012
    • Park, S, Zo, H, Ciganek, AP, Lim, GG, Examining success factors in the adoption of digital object identifier systems, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 10(6), pp. 626-636, Nov. 2011
    • Yoon, H, Zo, H, Ciganek, AP, Does XBRL adoption reduce information asymmetry?, Journal of Business research, 64(2), pp. 157-163, Feb. 2011
    • Zo, H, Nazareth, DL, Jain, HK, Security and performance in service-oriented applications: Trading off competing objectives, Decision Support Systems, 50, pp. 336-346, Dec. 2010
    • Zo, H, Ramamurthy, K, Consumer Selection of E-Commerce Websites in a B2C Environment: A Discrete Decision Choice Model, IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part A-Systems and Humans, 39(4), pp. 819-839, Jul. 2009